Brand Building in PR

A positive brand image comes with positive brand building!

The statement that brand building and public relations go hand in hand is entirely true. We have first-hand knowledge of this from our time as brand ambassadors and PR directors for several well-known companies. It is widely held—and for good reason—that effective branding and strong PR may increase sales and foster brand loyalty.

Consumer interest in recognising a product as a result of effective PR is the core concept behind brand awareness. Top-of-mind awareness, or brand awareness, is the foundation of any successful product PR strategy.

At Gloocal, we employ a variety of strategies to pique media interest in a product to instil the general public with favourable expectations.

Attracting a client's interest in product advertising is a key component of branding and PR. This leads to the coordinated promotion of a brand through news releases from public relations. Using both of these approaches results in aggressive product promotion.