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Leading home-healthcare brand relaunches with new Identity and drives a 90% increase in goal completions

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Healkin is a healthcare at-home service provider that provides long-term & short-term nursing care services, caregiver services, Vaccination/immunization services, wound care at home and Physiotherapy services – all from the comfort of your home. 

Not only do they meet the medical, emotional, and health needs of their patients, but Healkin also serves the overall health of the community through their dedicated app using which you can avail of their services. They’re also constantly looking to the future by training the next generation of nurses and caregivers.

The ailment that drove Healkin to GC Digital

Previously known as PHT Health Services, Healkin came to us right from the start for its overall marketing need. With the need to raise awareness and increase the patient volume for its at-home healthcare services, Healkin was planning on running a series of Google and social media ads about its services and promotion through app downloads. Just as a wise nurse treats the whole patient, Healkin understood that it needed more than just the Google ads to run; it needed it to complement its social media channels with a digital campaign, which would allow Healkin to reach audiences.

With this in mind, Healkin looked for a digital marketing company that had a proven track record and a history of success within the medical industry at gaining an immediate and worthwhile return on a company’s investment. That’s when Healkin turned to GC Digital

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Healkin’s Objective and proposed treatment plan

At Gloocal Digital we recommended starting from the basics of setting up platforms, to content generation to running digital campaigns that coincided with the social media and Google ads. Using a combination of digital initiatives, we drove awareness to Healkin’s services and app. On Social media, we ran a combination of static and video ads that coincided with the Google ads that were being run. Our social media ads, the highest percentage of which are people ages 25 to 45, were targeted and a robust paid search campaign provided support for all of them

The Outcome

Originally, Healkin was only planning on running the digital ads combination for six weeks; but because the campaign was so successful, the time was extended to three months.

During that time, a total of 1,249,103 impressions on Social Media were delivered to potential consumers. The paid search campaign (lead generation) had the greatest ROAS of 400%